Planning your kitchen lighting

When you’re designing your brand new kitchen, the lighting in the kitchen is often overlooked while more importance is placed on the kitchen units, the kitchen wall tiles or the flooring, but it’s really a very important room when it comes to lighting. In your kitchen you will need the availability of a good strong light for cooking, so you can see what you are doing. From a safety point of view it is very important. There is a lot of potential hazards in a kitchen and being able to see what you are doing while you are busy in the kitchen will go a long way to keeping you and your family safe. You will also want to be able to properly see what you are cooking so you can fully assess when meat has browned or if your sauce is of the right consistency etc.


In addition to bright lighting, if you have an eating area within your kitchen, as many people do, then you may well want a more subdued form of lighting. It’s not very relaxing eating in a stark brightly lit kitchen and it’s not always practical or desirable to eat your meals by candlelight.


So when it comes to planning your kitchen lighting, you really do need to give it quite a bit of thought. It is said that a good rule of thumb budget wise is to spend a similar amount on your lighting as you do on your flooring. You should also take into account the rest of your kitchen when you plan your kitchen lighting. For example, tiny pinpoint spot lights might look like nothing on their own, but in a kitchen with high gloss units and shiny kitchen wall tiles, they may well look stunning their small beams bouncing off the highly reflective surfaces to great effect. Lights under wall units or at floor level under the lower units can look really stylish and are also functional, focusing light onto the worktops for your food preparation tasks, and onto the floor for clearing spills or ensuring you don’t trip over your pets! If you’re feeling adventurous don’t forget to explore the possibilities of coloured lighting. Rainbow pinpoint spot lights, or perhaps a blue or orange light can create a whole new mood for the room.


Spot lights do work well in a kitchen, and it’s a good idea to determine the most highly used areas of the kitchen to focus them on. There is usually a main preparation area in any kitchen, plus the cooker and the sink that will need plenty of light. A coloured or lower wattage bulb could be aimed at your dining table, but make sure it is sited in a way so that it isn’t going to dazzle anyone sat at the table!


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